“Ubering” evening with Boogman

Unfortunately one of the agents called out sick which means I had to work late tonight. I manage a small call center that is open 24/7 so occasionally I have to rearrange some things personally to cover shifts.

My husband had choir rehearsal so he took the youngest and I decided to take the oldest back to the office for a few hours. Remember from my previous posts that he hasn’t stopped moving and/or talking in almost eight years. Why would I even imagine that this would go smoothly? Continue reading

I want a lollipop!

I absolutely love this old video! This mental breakdown was caused by a long line at the hair salon. Mommy was not willing to wait which ruined any chances of a Clipper Doodles lollipop so he was furious.Β  Continue reading

Can you wipe my butt please?

I’m trying to scrape something together for dinner. I have a headache. It’s Monday.

My 4 year old calls out from the potty…

Aaron: Mama! Do we have an emergency room?
Me: Where?
Aaron: In our house?
Me: No. The emergency room is at the hospital.
Aaron: What if I hurt too bad?
Me: We’ll call an ambulance.
Aaron: Is that 911?
Me: Yes. Aaron- what hurts?
Aaron: If my back hurts I wanted to know where the emergency room was.
Me: What’s wrong with your back?
Aaron: Nothing… I said IF my back hurt.


Aaron: Can you come help me wipe my butt please?


Top 10 reasons my kids won’t go to sleep

Tonight was our mid-week Bible study so we get home pretty late. Isaiah was already drooling shortly after the lesson began and stumbled on to bed when we got home. wpid-20151104_211006.jpg Continue reading

Raising energetic boys


My boys are amazing! They have a level of energy that blows my mind daily. My oldest hasn’t stopped moving in going on 8 years πŸ™‚

I keep waiting for them to slow down a bit. People in the grocery store used to say “oh he’ll settle down soon…wait until he’s four. They call it angelic fours you know”.

Ummm…no. I’ve even held out an additional four years. Maybe she meant you have to be angelic to get through their 4th year?

I had my 2nd baby when my first was 3 years old. I remember feeling bad for him thinking he was lonely and it would be so great to have a sibling to play with. πŸ™‚

They play together alright! They are Power Rangers & ninjas in training. Always working towards “inner peace” (Thanks Kung Fu Panda!) and perfecting their fighting skills. Lord forbid they aren’t prepared if Galactis, Loki or Shredder come to our local neighborhood. They have to be ready for battle.


They are comedians. Beyond the super hero stuff they are always making us laugh.

I’ll be posting the “Mellix Boys” adventures here including the random quotes I usually put on Facebook.


consistencyConsistency…this is difficult for me. I have the best intentions when I start something new but I can’t stick with it.

A few years ago I bought the Insanity workout DVD’s and consistently followed the schedule for 2 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately, due to “poor form” I injured my ankle so I had to take a break. I never got back into it after that.

The problem affects all areas of my life. Family, work, church, friends, etc. I think deep down I know what the problem is.


Why is it so DIFFICULT to control ourselves? Maybe that’s why life tends to be harder for me. The Bible says we are unprotected due to our lack of self-control.

β€œLike a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” Proverbs 25:28 (NIV)

That makes sense. If I controlled my impulsive desires and actually did the things that were beneficial to a healthy lifestyle being consistent would be easier.