I want a lollipop!

I absolutely love this old video! This mental breakdown was caused by a long line at the hair salon. Mommy was not willing to wait which ruined any chances of a Clipper Doodles lollipop so he was furious. 

haircut meltdown
haircut meltdown

I want a lollipop! – Click here!

Lesson learned: Call ahead and make an appointment to avoid waiting with children.

I must admit Clipper Doodles is a cool place. At the front there is a train table in the waiting area. The décor is just for kids. I love the Monsters, Inc. mural 🙂
clipper doodle mural

My boys both love to come here so it is never a battle when it’s time for a haircut. Finding Clipper Doodles actually makes this necessary task exciting!

When it’s your turn you get to sit in a shiny red race car chair.

clipper doodle racecar

Each station has either a DVD player or video games to keep the child entertained. If they behave which has never been an issue here we leave with a LOLLIPOP!

The price is extremely competitive compared to other salons in the area so when the Mellix boys start looking like cockatoos we’re headed over to Clipper Doodles. http://www.clipperdoodles.com


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