2nd Grade – Science Acronyms

My son is in 2nd grade this year. We have been studying for his upcoming science test and I am a little disappointed with the study guide. Up until this school year he had fun songs or unique ways of remembering the new things he was taught.

We came up with some fun examples…

  1.  What are the 5 senses?

“I SEE & HEAR SMELLY in the kitchen TASTING & TOUCHING his nasty pizza.”5 senses

2. What is a hypothesis?

Answer: An educated guess about what you think will happen.

Example: Mommy guesses you have at least 40 toys on the floor in your room.

3. What is data?

Answer: Results a scientist gets from an experiment.

Example: Mommy finds 56 toys on the floor in your room.

4. What is classifying?

Answer: Separating your results into categories showing how they are alike or different.

Example: Mommy found 30 large toys & 26 small toys.

His test was today and I’m hoping he did well 🙂

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