Cold Little Socks

Never assume things in the Mellix home are in the correct place. It is safer to begin with where did I last see them.

After working more on my closet organization (still not done but it’s going well) I walk into the kitchen for a drink. Upon opening the refrigerator I find a pair of Aaron’s red and grey striped socks on the bottom shelf. Interesting…


I question my boys about the socks and surprisingly the sock owner was not the culprit!

Isaiah’s explanation:

“Aaron and I were playing a game. We were taking turns trying to shut each other in the refrigerator. I was getting cold so I stole Aaron’s socks. I forgot to take them with me when I got out.”

Well…okay then. Not shocking at all. Just another evening with the Mellix boys.

4 thoughts on “Cold Little Socks

  1. Haha!! I love this. I once found a pink princess slipper in the sink… With the water running over it. I asked my little one why it was there and she said it was dirty and needed a bath. Makes sense I guess. lol


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