Let’s catch up…

Tuesday’s Theme Song

“Pep, Pep, Pep it up! It’s Tuuueeessssdaaaayyyyy!” I think it’s growing on them.

National Ice Cream Day

Yesterday my company had a soft serve ice cream truck come by…ice creamoh yeah!

While I was devouring my delicious sundae I heard people discussing how great their lemon custard something dessert was…ewwwww. How can people say that any lemon dessert is wonderful? That doesn’t even begin to make sense to me. The only thing lemon I can say I enjoy is lemonade and Lemonheads (candy). The lemonade has to be the type you can only get at a county fair or carnival. The sugar water with lemon in it. Totally different than lemon water flavored with sugar. It also tastes better in a souvenir cup. If that cup happened to have a long crazy curly straw even better.

Nightly Electric Bill Saving Walk

Every night before I go to bed I walk through the house to “double check” all the lights are off. Double check is not actually a good term here because I am guaranteed to find stuff on. Last night I turned off six lights. In my path I stepped over Iron Patriot, Thor, Iron Man, two identical Captain Americas, and a large stretchy Batman. What the devil people? No one picks up anything or turns off any lights! How difficult is it? The light switch must be really hard to push down or maybe they think it’s a complicated process. I do not understand.

Fantastic Discovery

There may still be time to train Aaron correctly. He found the dust buster and loved it! He used it for just a few minutes and didn’t focus on just one area of my house but you can see the level of excitement here. I might be able to direct that energy into a helpful little kid!


Husband + Grocery Store = NO

After nine years I should have known better. I occasionally get too tired and blurt out “Babe.. can you go to the store and grab a gallon of milk and something for dinner tonight?” Always a mistake.

I’m sitting here this morning eating a strawberry pop tart and drinking a vanilla coke. Disgusting. Do those fall under milk or dinner? No, they do not. He won’t go to the store unless I ask him so it is my fault. He came back with the most random stuff.

  1. Lactaid milk (2 gallons)
    1. First of all… Lactaid milk. We don’t buy that. Just regular milk babe. How much was it?!?!?! A gallon of milk is expensive. I said one gallon…why did you get 2?
  2. A bucket of chicken
    1. No complaint. It’s hot and it’s ready to go.
  3. Microwavable mash potatoes
    1. No complaint. I’m slack also. Only thing is….no gravy?
  4. Strawberry & blueberry pop tarts
    1. Unacceptable. Blueberry…seriously?
  5. A bunch of Campbell’s chunky soup cans
    1. Why did you need 6?
  6. A family size box of waffles
    1. We are almost out of syrup.
  7. Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake
    1. Strawberries & whipped topping are sold separately.


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