A few reasons why I miss Summer 2015…

This summer was awesome. Nathan and I had an amazing opportunity to fly out (free tickets!) to California and spend a week together on vacation. No kids… just us. We landed in LA and spent a few days with my Aunt Angie and her beautiful family. It was a great experience that I am so grateful for.

We drove down to San Diego and then all the way up Hwy 1 (scenic route) to San Francisco. I have so many pictures and videos that I have not shared yet so I’ll see if I can create an album here on my blog for anyone who is interested in seeing a little bit of what we saw on our road trip.


It’s ok folks…this is just the “wax” #DenzelWashington. Nathan and I are still going strong 🙂




While I was reminiscing about our summer I came across the video below. Nathan was asked to lead praise and worship at a conference our church organization put on in Charlotte, NC. The clip is just from a rehearsal they had but I love it! He has an incredible energy and his musical gifts touch so many people. I’m praying that 2016 will be the year he can pursue music full time.

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