My Big Thumb Toe

I was sitting down on my dining room floor surrounded by mountains of dirty clothes. I mustered up the energy to drag it all out of the laundry room in an effort to sort by category like normal moms. The outer layer of my cage was an assortment of baskets. The laundry needed to be done and I was not motivated.

Me: “Hey babe…you know what would be so great right now?”

Husband: “What?”

Me: “Something sweet…how about a hot fudge ice cream sundae from Culvers?”

Husband: “Sure.”

Motivation = ice cream     Culvers = closes in 45 minutes

Action plan: Speed sort the laundry

I’m rushing to get it all done before dashing out the door. Aaron is sitting in a valley between two stinky mountains rambling about something. I’m not completely taking in what he is saying until I hear…

Aaron: “My big thumb toe fits.”

Me: “What the devil are you talking about?!?!”

wpid-20151014_211220.jpgAaron: “I fit my big thumb toe into my Spiderman gloves.”

Me: “Aaron, it’s not called your big thumb toe. It’s just your big toe.”

Aaron: “Yes it is. See… (he points to each one with his explanation) my big thumb toe, my pointer toe, my middle toe, my ring toe and my pinky toe.”

Me: “Ok that makes no sense but fine. I have to hurry.”

Aaron: “I want to go.”

Me: “No. You only have on your T-Rex underwear and you have gloves on your big thumb toes!”

Aaron: “I can get dressed quick!! Please!”

Me: “OMG…fine. Hurry UP!”


We get to the Culvers at 9:59PM.

Drive-thru speaker: (Evil teenage girl’s voice) “Hi. I’m sorry but we are closed. We reopen again at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Me: “Oh no, ok thank you.”

I drive forward with disgust.

Me: “Daddy is going to kill me. I guess we’ll just pick up the sundaes from McDonald’s.”

Aaron: “I want an ice cream.”

Me: “You can have ONE bite of mine after we get home.”

Aaron: “YES!”

I hate McDonald’s. I hate it so much I go back 2-3 times a week.

The service was slow. Shocking. The sundaes were melted. Completely defeated at this point. I asked for nuts. Why do I have to ask them? She slowly went to retrieve them and brought back one red pack of nuts. I order two sundaes and a small M&M McFlurry (yes- he got his own ice cream…he’s cute) so I’m confused as to why she brought me just one pack. At this point I just can’t. I can’t believe I’m at McDonald’s at 10:15ish paying for melted sundaes that will taste like the disappointment they are.

Whatever…driving home. Luckily, my husband seemed genuinely appreciative of the ice cream in its pathetic form and Aaron was beyond satisfied with his treat.

wpid-20151014_223228.jpgI guess it was not that bad. They were both smiling and that makes me happy.

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