Toys from my childhood (1990’s)

Saturday is usually the day I play catch up at home. My husband was kind enough to clean the kitchen last night (I HATE DISHES!) so I was able to conquer the rest of the mess fairly quickly today.

I rarely have the time to really dig through things after I clean up. It’s an accomplishment if I can seriously get through the basics. Anyway, because I was ahead of the game today I ended up going through some old stuff.

Look what I found!

Anyone remember Pogs or Slammers?

image I haven’t met too many people in the south that know what I’m talking about. People used to get them off the ice cream truck in Maine. It was a game but to be honest I don’t think I ever played it. I just thought they looked cool back then.



 Barbies– A HOT MESS!image

Apparently I was trying out my hair cutting skills not realizing Barbie’s hair doesn’t grow back.



These cute little things were abused as well 😦 Aaron seemed to really like the trolls so he might get to keep those out.image

What was your favorite toy from the 90’s?

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