Thanksgiving Fire Alarms

I took a long lunch break to get Thanksgiving essentials the day before we celebrate. I have walked aggressively in heels for over an hour gathering what we need. I place the last item in my cart when….the fire alarm goes off.

No one stops their shopping!

Frantic last minute shoppers gaze into the eyes of others and without speaking I know what they are thinking.

I’m not leaving. I’ve invested too much time today to give up now.

“Attention all shoppers this is a false alarm but everyone needs to evacuate immediately.”

I push my cart up to an open register and walk outside in disgust. It’s cold. So now I stand here outside our local Harris Teeter pondering how long I should wait. My milk, sour cream, cream cheese and other cold items are just hanging out while the fire department does a safety precaution inspection.

Tip: Don’t shop for Thanksgiving the day before folks!


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