Google Auto Awesome Feature

Google’s Auto Awesome feature is truly AWESOME! It is not a new feature but I just recently found out that in my Google photos there are creations. Some are simple collages but there is a movie maker also. Continue reading

Sony Cyber-Shot Camera

My husband bought me a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300 for Christmas! I take a TON of photos on my Samsung Galaxy but recently I have been talking about how wonderful it would be to have a better way to take quality pictures.

It’s not often that I am genuinely surprised with a gift. I am one of those people that track things by the bank account.

Where were you? No, you got gas on Hwy XXX at 4:00 PM…so….Where were you really? 🙂

I don’t know how he did it but I’m very grateful. It was the perfect Christmas present!

It’s a lot more complicated than my smart phone of course but I’m learning fairly quickly about all the neat features.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

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My youngest has been in a daycare from the very beginning. Two years ago when we relocated to Charlotte we found the most amazing preschool. I’ve always worked although I did consider staying home after my second child was born. I knew shortly after being on maternity leave it wouldn’t work. Continue reading

Mary, Did You Know?


Aaron singing “Mary, Did You Know?” this morning during the Sunday School Christmas Program.

Christmas Clues For An Assassin

assassin christmasMy son was in full armor today.

  • Two plastic daggers (back pockets)
  • Plastic golf club AKA sword/ rocket launcher (stuffed down into the front of his jeans)
  • A plastic taser/gun (Right front pocket)
  • A bow (tucked into the back of his shirt)
  • A glow in the dark arrow (Left front pocket)

Standing in front of the Christmas tree with a determined look on his face he examines every ornament carefully.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Isaiah: “I’m looking for inferences.”

Me: “What?”

Isaiah: “I’m an assassin and I need clues. I have to find clues!”

This boy and his wild imagination!


Shoe Leather Steak Night

shoe leather

Tonight I tried. I tried to prepare dinner at home for the kids. My husband went to choir rehearsal and I bought some steaks to cook a decent meal. On a normal week night we are rushed and due to a lack of planning we’ll end up driving by a fast food joint for dinner.

I have this gigantic fear of serving meat that isn’t quite done yet. After I cook the meat I attack it until I’m 100% sure it’s not still breathing. In doing so I let out any flavor (another issue I need to work on is seasoning) and it looks like a rabid animal got a hold of it by the time it hits the dinner table.

Back to tonight…for the kids I got a super thin sirloin and two thin T-bones for us. I think “thin” was my first mistake. I “seared” the THIN sirloins in a frying pan and then broiled them to make sure the insides were done.shoe leather6

They were done…

My husband tasted it when he got home and said, “mmm…you made jerky.”

I’m disappointed with my “jerky” but surprisingly the children loved it. Isaiah asked for more.

While eating my share of the shoe leather I did a little more research. I looked up cooking “thin T-bone steaks” on YouTube before going back into the kitchen. A couple of Gordon Ramsay’s videos later this is what I cooked up…

thin t-bones

It looked more appealing. It was edible. It was actually really good.

Best part was…my husband liked it too 🙂

Why didn’t you sell that dangerous thing?

tape measureAaron was supposed to be getting dressed. I heard him digging around near the laundry basket of clean clothes but finding a shirt for school was not on his list of priorities this morning.

Aaron: “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” (followed by dramatic sobbing…) Continue reading