Why didn’t you sell that dangerous thing?

tape measureAaron was supposed to be getting dressed. I heard him digging around near the laundry basket of clean clothes but finding a shirt for school was not on his list of priorities this morning.

Aaron: “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” (followed by dramatic sobbing…)

Me: “Aaron! What’s wrong?!?!?”

Aaron: “That thing snapped my fingers!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!” (continuous sobbing with big tears falling down his red little face)

Me: “Oh no! I’m so sorry baby. Those can be dangerous. You need to be careful.”

Aaron: “Why wouldn’t you just sell that dangerous thing?”

Me: (Trying not to bust out laughing) “Ummmmm… well we need to be able to measure things sweetheart.”

Aaron: “We could go to the water park.”

Me: “Huh?”

Aaron: “They always have those signs that tell you how tall you are! You should have sold this dangerous thing!” (Still crying dramatically…)

Me: “Well…we need something to measure other things around the house. Come here baby…mama will kiss your little hand.”

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