Avoiding Accountability

Be-AccountableI rarely talk to others about God, the Bible or any part of my religious beliefs. Is it because I’m afraid others will disagree? Is it because I’m embarrassed in some way? Is it because I’m not confident in what I have been taught?

I think the most honest answer is I don’t want to be held ACCOUNTABLE. Continue reading

Dishwashers & Squirt Guns

My husband and oldest son were loading the dishwasher tonight. Sounds great, right? Continue reading

A Gorilla’s Funeral

When you live with children you see weird things. I never thought I would walk into a gorilla’s funeral service but apparently the family arranged for it to take place in my bedroom.


I still don’t know the cause of death but I found him here in his guitar shaped coffin after work tonight.

The Mellix boys have always been wonderful about leaving their stuff in the refrigerator. Maybe they think an exchange is required.

Sure you can have a Capri Sun…just leave your Power Ranger pistol on the eggs and we’ll call it even.


Never a dull and boring experience with my family 🙂

Arts & Crafts Reality

She cracks me up! This is my life…  Continue reading

I Hate Alarm Clocks!

January 5, 2016

2:00 AM- I finally shut my eyes to go to sleep. I have 5 hours and 40 minutes before my oldest has to be in his seat at school. The holiday break is over.

4:30 AM- I hear tiny feet and a blanket dragging across my bedroom floor. I barely have the energy to open one eye as I peer in his direction to see why he has graced us with his presence… Continue reading

I’m Not A Photographer

I got a new camera. Ten days later I am ready to admit…I am NOT a professional photographer.

When I opened my Christmas gift with wide eyes of excitement I envisioned myself making money. I had already researched how I could sell my photos online.

Let me just tell you…it is hard. Very hard. Continue reading