Dishwashers & Squirt Guns

My husband and oldest son were loading the dishwasher tonight. Sounds great, right?

Husband: “Isaiah! Come here…which soap did you put in?”

He points to the blue bottle of dish soap. They both stare down at the dishwasher as it continues to vomit out a tremendous amount of bubbles.

Husband: “Go grab some towels…quick!”

Trying not to have a nervous breakdown about the situation I calmly open another tab on my laptop that was set up at our dining room table. I google “dish soap in the dishwasher” and find 11 steps to get me through my evening.


I love Google. It has the answers to 90% of my questions.

That being said I felt like 11 steps was just a little too much tonight. Surely, there’s an easier way.

My husband works third shift right now so he was unable to finish with our bubble project before heading out. I do appreciate the fact that he offered to clean it up when he got back though.

I can’t let my vomiting dishwasher win so after he left I began to tackle the disaster.

Step 1: Stop the machine. Check.

Step 2: Clean up the mess. Check.

Step 3: Remove all the dishes. Seriously!?!? Ok…Check.

Step 4: Use a small container and MORE towels to remove all the water and soap suds from the bottom of your machine.

Me: “Isaiah! Get in here! I’m not doing this by myself!”

We used some small bowls, measuring cups and then I decided this wasn’t going to work.

Me: “We need to suck it out. Do I have a baster?” Ahhhhhh…. baster (clap!) – inside joke, sorry 🙂 “Hmmmm….I know! Squirt guns! Do we still have those in the laundry room?”

I sprint to the laundry room to find the most wonderful toy I have ever purchased. This $1.00 toy that had been confiscated months ago would be my saving grace tonight.

With pure joy I ran back into the kitchen and sucked up all the bubbles. It was actually kind of fun for the first 5 minutes.

By the time we extracted it all bedtime had arrived. YES! I still didn’t have a clean cup to use and didn’t feel like washing one so I resorted to the last glass in the cupboard…

20160112_193726.jpgWhat’s up with the banana you ask? Well…that’s just one of those random things my precious boys will leave around my house for me to find.

Good night folks! I’ve had enough of Tuesday for this week.


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