When I Grow Up…


Aaron: When I grow up I’m going to have a Lamborghini.

Isaiah: Well, Lamborghinis don’t turn well.

Aaron: Yeah they do.

Isaiah: No. Uncle Zach told me so they don’t turn well.

Nathan and I just stare at each other trying hard not to laugh.

Nathan: Aaron, how are you going to afford a Lamborghini? Do you have any idea what they cost?

Aaron: I’ll just get a job. I can work at McDonald’s.

Everyone except Aaron busts out laughing.

Me: I don’t think your minimum wage job at McDonald’s is going to work buddy. Let me see how much they cost.

I quickly do some Google research and find a figure to work with… $200,000.

For those of you who know more about cars forgive me if this number is inaccurate but for the sake of this conversation that’s what we went with 🙂

Me: Ok Aaron, let’s say you make $7.25 per hour. It would take you a little over 13 years to save up for the car.

Nathan: That’s if you pay cash but you could always fina……

Me: NO! He can’t have a Lamborghini unless he can pay for it. We’re not going to talk about loans or leasing a car…he’s five years old. We should start him off with some Dave Ramsey kind of financial advice.

Nathan: Ok good point. Also consider that estimate is before taxes come out of your paycheck. You’ll have other bills when you grow up too. You will have to eat and feed your family.

Aaron: Well, that’s ok because I’m not going to get married.

Awkward pause…

Aaron: I’m not going to get married because I don’t want my kids to mess up my Lamborghini.

To be continued…Aaron wins this round 🙂



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