My Lost Car & Facial Peel


I’ve misplaced my car keys a million times. Yesterday was the first time I lost my car.

Let me begin by admitting my husband offered to walk me to my car. At the time I thought his offer was ridiculous. No thank you sir! I am a grown woman and we are parked at opposite ends of this gigantic mall. I’ll see you at the house…

So I walked towards my destination with our little one while he took our older son. From where we were in the mall it was a long walk just to get back to the entrance of the parking garage.

We passed all the stores that were closing up shop for the day and strolled through Nordstrom one last time on the way out. Rolling my eyes at the $595 pair of “basic” black heels I was ready to get out of there. I rarely go to the mall. If I shop it would never be in this store.

So we make it to the garage and we hike up the aisle to the far back where there is a stair case heading up to the deck. This is where I thought my car was parked. It had been only a few hours since I parked it.

We climb two flights of stairs to find just a few cars left. My car was not there. I paused….confused…embarrassed…unsure of what to do next…

I had 2% on my cell phone. I called my husband but it died before I could get through.

It’s almost dark. It’s starting to rain… keep it together…

I was positive this is where we left the car but it’s not here so maybe I’m losing my mind. There is another parking garage just around the corner so maybe it’s there.

Back down two flights of stairs. Down the aisle back to the main road. Across the street and up into the other garage.

Up the aisle. Up two flights of stairs onto the top deck. No car.

Inside I’m panicking. We are tired. I feel terrible. My poor child. I am an idiot.

I carry him down two flights of stairs. I carry him back down the long aisle and by the grace of God find an open door to the department store that was probably closed already.

We were both sweaty and I’m sure as I approached the cashier she thought we were abused or maybe homeless runaways by our appearance. I was beyond embarrassed and after almost an hour of searching I put my pride down and asked for security.

John AKA “Bear” came immediately in his security vehicle. He engaged conversation with my son and within just a few minutes located my car. It was not far from where I thought it was. How I didn’t see it on foot…I don’t know. I felt so stupid. I thanked him repeatedly as we exited his car and walked towards mine.

As I drove out of the parking lot I apologized to my little boy and as he said, “It’s ok mommy” I balled my eyes out.

I called my husband and cried some more. What the heck is my problem?!?!?! I don’t cry that often. I lean more on the side of hold it in until a horrible migraine develops but for whatever reason my emotions were gushing out beyond my control.

I came home to a surprise gift from my husband. He bought me a facial peel gel and moisturizer on his way out of the mall. After he finished wiping all of the dead skin off my face I felt more confused than before in the parking garage.

I’m not sure what type of alien creature took my brain and then transformed my husband into the man of my dreams but he’s welcome to stay 🙂


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