Top 10 Reasons My Kids Won’t Let Me Use The Bathroom

Motherhood = NO Privacy!

Prior to having children I could use the restroom by myself. Seems like a simple thing that many women take for granted. Over the last eight years I have adjusted to the fact that there is no private time as mother. So that being said here’s my top 10 list of reasons my children barged in on me in the bathroom…


  1. Hey mama! Whatcha doing?
  2. Hey mama! Can I have a snack?
  3. Hey mama! He won’t share!
  4. Hey mama! I just wanted to tell you that I dropped a pretzel on the floor but it’s ok I already picked it up so the herd of ants won’t come and get it.
  5. Hey mama! Guess what happened at school today?
  6. Hey mama! Can I play X-Box?
  7. Hey mama! Where’s your phone?
  8. Hey mama! I love you.
  9. Hey mama! …. -interrupted by husband yelling from the other room “Boys! Get out of there! How many times do I have to tell you not to go in the bathroom when she’s in there?!?!”
  10. Hey mama! Can you help me with ______?

If you can relate share this with all the other mommys out there who miss peeing without an audience…lol!!

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