Daddy Is Better Than You

daddy's boy.jpg
Daddy’s Boy

Anyone have a mama’s boy? What about a daddy’s boy?


We have one of each. My oldest is an absolute mama’s boy. I love it! My younger son is all about daddy.

Yesterday on the way to church I was educating my children on some old school kind of music that I enjoy. I sang my heart out to a few Otis Redding & Percy Sledge songs.

Basically driving them insane!

Aaron tried to convince me my singing was awful so in my defense I tried to convince him that I taught his father everything he knows about singing.

Background: My husband is an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, producer, etc.

I wasn’t fooling them at all but whatever my singing is actually pretty decent.

Fast forward to after church…

It was a stormy evening. Raining to the point I could barely see. Thunder & Lightning…it was bad. We make it safely to our apartment complex but there was no parking anywhere. Not a shocker. The builders clearly didn’t calculate 1-2 spaces per unit. There’s no way. I’ve been meaning to walk around the whole community and count the spaces to prove my theory. Turns out I’m actually too lazy so…

Anyway, my closest options are two spaces but you have to parallel park.

Background: When I took my driver’s test I FAILED the parallel parking section. The DMV lady wrote BAD on my paper. Now she did pass me but I seriously cannot parallel park.

Despite my wretched history of parallel parking I attempted it. Only because my husband gave me a few tips recently that made a lot of sense. I thought I could apply them and make it work. No. Not even close.

After the second failed attempt I drove off into the rain…mad. I yelled out, “I HATE DRIVING!” Ultimately finding a parking space across the street. No where near our building.

As I’m sitting there with no desire to pack up my two kids and begin the trek home the daddy’s boy says, “See…you can’t sing and you can’t drive. Told you daddy’s better than you!”

Final outcome: Because I love both of my precious boys with all my heart I didn’t leave his rotten behind out in the rain.