14 Places To Hide Dirty Laundry!

I wonder what it’s like to do laundry in a home where all of the dirty clothes are in a designated location. I think it’s called a hamper. Maybe some people are more familiar with the term laundry basket.

Here in my family we like to play a little game called “Hide & Go Seek Laundry To Wash”!

For the most part I know where everything is. It’s in the bathroom. You can trace their every step just by watching the trail of clothes left behind.

Oh look! One of the boys must be in the bathtub right now. His jeans are right in front of the toilet and the superhero underwear are still inside them. It almost looks like he disappeared and his clothes were left right where he was standing. Yep…he’s in the tub splashing around like he’s at the waterpark.

The article of clothing that gives me the hardest time is…socks. I find them all over the place yet oddly there is rarely a clean matching pair to be found.

Here are the top 14 places I’ve found random Mellix socks:

  1. Under the bed
  2. In the closet
  3. Inside toy box
  4. In between books on kid’s bookshelf
  5. Behind trophies on living room bookcase
  6. Under couch
  7. On couch
  8. Inside couch
  9. On the back porch
  10. On top of the window valance
  11. Underneath TV stand
  12. Refrigerator
  13. In the shoe cubby closet
  14. In the car

Today my sock troubles turned out to be a bit embarrassing. My son said he couldn’t find any socks as we were rushing to get out the door. We needed to be at our church’s Easter service rehearsal in 30 minutes. I told him to grab a pair out of my bottom drawer. I can’t believe my eight year old can fit my size socks. He’s growing up entirely too fast.

Assuming he grabbed the white ankle socks we got on the road. Not too far down the street I noticed him adjusting his socks in the backseat.

Laundry Drama!

Oh my…Isaiah, is that a reindeer?

Hopefully no one noticed 🙂




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