Surviving Saturdays

dishwasheTo all of the stay at home moms out there…I don’t know how you do it. When I had my¬†second child I crunched the numbers and was elated about the possibility of staying home with my babies. My oldest was three years old at the time. Not too far into my maternity leave I dropped by my old office to visit my co-workers. I remember telling my boss frantically “PLEASE let me answer a phone call! I need to have an adult conversation!” Ultimately, it didn’t work out staying home after six weeks. I’m just the type of person that can’t do it. I always joke about how I’m such a great mom after 5PM and on weekends ūüôā

In all honesty even at night and on weekends I get frustrated with them easily. I don’t have the level of patience required sometimes. I don’t want to freak out and yell at everyone. I’d love to be the kind of mom that is always upbeat, cheerful, and patient. One that has it all together. One that has a clean house, clean kids, food on the table (not fast food), etc. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet.

Now that I’ve disclosed my shortcomings as a mother let’s talk about today. It’s Saturday and I’m home with the family. My house is a wreck and my in-laws are coming into town. I’m scrambling at the last minute as usual. I ran out to the bank this morning and came back to a bubble disaster…again. If you’ve been following my blog you might recall this isn’t the first time my lovely children have done this.

Bubble Disaster # 1

I’m on social media way too much because in my head I was immediately thinking about how I was going to post this. #iquit #bubbles #why #jumpingoffcliff #isitmondayyet?

I know… I have issues. So today is survival mode Saturday. Trying to keep it together so when the in-laws arrive they’ll still have family members alive to visit.

It’s Only Monday…

Earlier tonight…

Aaron (yelling from the living room): “I just got Squirrel Girl’s helicopter on Lego Marvel Super Hero Avengers.”

Me: “That’s great buddy.”


Aaron (whispers): “I’m going to clean up this mess.”

He walks into my room.

Aaron: “I have 3 words. Where is the towel? No, no, no. I have 4 words. Where is a towel?

Me: “Over there. How big is this mess?” Pointing to a laundry basket of clean clothes.

Aaron: “Big.”

Welcome back to Aaron’s magical world. A world where he’s striving to become the champion of messes. Will he win for most spilled drinks in one week? I think he has a shot, folks.

Oh, you missed the last spill? Check this out…Brunch & Paper Towels.

Why are kids so messy? I would be happy if they at least contained it. They have a decent size bedroom. Just for the two of them. Why can’t you play in there? When I come home from work after a long day I want to relax. I don’t want to have to constantly clean up all the random crap you left around.

Random Cheese

Random Things In My Fridge

After you’ve been fed, bathed and we’ve said our prayers I long for one thing…my bed.

white bedding


My reality


You’ve got to be kidding…

“Here We Are” Nathan Mellix

My husband just released a compilation album titled “Let’s Go In”¬†on April 8th with Nicole White & Michael Durant.¬†Here’s a link to Nathan’s song “Here We Are”.¬†The project sounds AMAZING and I know it’s going to minister to so many people. I’m incredibly proud of him.


Brunch & Paper Towels

Today is a teacher work day. This means I have to work double. I’m working from home while looking after my two kids. Ultimately this is an impossible task.

“I’m hungry”

“Can we play pretend bakery?”

“I don’t want to watch Star Wars!”

“Can I play on your phone?”

Taking a break I drive them down to¬†a local restaurant for brunch. Me and my two children at a sit down restaurant is usually a recipe for disaster.¬†Overall they behaved fairly well with the exception of the “pig” topic.

Isaiah: “I know what bacon is made of. It’s pig.”

Me: “Yep. That’s right.”


Me: “Isaiah! Lower your voice son. That’s enough!”

Maybe 30 seconds later…

Aaron: “Mama, can I have some of your pig?

On the way home we stopped by Harris Teeter for paper towels. Walking back to one of the last aisles I was distracted by a few sales. We grabbed two 32 oz. Cool Blue Gatorades ($.57/each) and a box of Fruit Loops ($1.97). As I’m pacing back and forth contemplating my paper towel purchase I see Aaron crouched down by the toilet paper. He seemed terribly upset and was looking underneath the shelves. His Cool Blue Gatorade rolled away….

Me: “It’s fine Aaron. We’ll just grab another one on the way to the register.”

Aaron: “But I want my Gatorade!”

His facial expression becomes more pathetic and his big brown eyes peer up at Josh the Harris Teeter employee who happened to walk by at just the right time. He got down on the floor and reached under the shelves to rescue the Cool Blue Gatorade. I thanked him very much and as we headed out of the aisle a gentleman behind me commented on how Josh really went above and beyond today. If Josh only knew how much more work was to be done…

I remembered how nasty my kitchen sink is and decided to grab a pack of green scrubby sponges too. On aisle 9 just before I got to them I hear a loud thud and the rush of liquid. Oh God…NO…Not today!¬†Aaron has a look of horror on his face. In front of him is a broken plastic bottle with Cool Blue Gatorade gushing out onto the floor and underneath the shelves. How? Why? Are you serious? This is not Aaron’s first time spilling things at the store. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Three years ago…

Aaron spill

Embarrassed and red faced I took the broken bottle up to the front trying not to make eye contact with Josh who was now helping bag groceries. I found an employee in the self checkout section and explained/apologized for what happened. He said it was absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about. Then he walks straight over to Josh and I’m guessing asked him to clean up the mess. Josh turns around and I immediately wanted to die.

Oh no, I didn’t grab the green scrubby sponges. What an idiot! I have to have them though. I drag the kids quickly back down to aisle 9. I grab the sponges and as we turn around Josh is walking into the aisle with a big yellow caution sign. I awkwardly say something stupid about how he should have just left the Gatorade under the shelf to begin with as we walk by. Why would I say that?

We check out. We pass by the cookies near the exit. Not today folks. Not today.

An Old Story for TBT

I am the only girl in the house. I have my husband, a 6yr old, and a 3 yr old. My boys can drive me absolutely INSANE but at the same time they make me laugh each and every day.

The things my boys say and do are hilarious. The things they make me say and do tend to be more comical though. For example, last week I took them to the fall festival the daycare put together. (Husband was unable to make it due to work) so it was me vs. the two of them.

I lost.

Justin Bieber and “Let it Go” (Frozen) music created an instant migraine upon my arrival. We walked up to two jump castles and I immediately lost control. Both boys threw their shoes off and off they went. Do you think they stayed together? Of course not.

Let me back up about 10-15 mins. My younger son goes to the daycare full time and the older child just comes after school. When I arrived to pick them up I was given a large plastic bag with stickers and my son’s name all over it and somehow I ended up with my older son’s back pack. So back to the jump castles…

I am wearing my son’s backpack and I have both pairs of sneakers in the decorated plastic bag. I “bounce” back and forth between the two children on different jump castles trying to get them to play on the same one.

Eventually the younger son comes off and I put his shoes on. His friend sits down beside him and I end up tying her shoes as well. Then here comes his older brother…”come on! Let’s go play”

He sprints after him and flings off his shoes into the grass!

Trying not to show my frustration I put the sneakers in the bag and look over to see my boys running away from the jump castles. Thank you God!

Do they stay together? Of course not. One is grabbing a water bottle from a large cooler. (I hope these are for everyone) The younger one is over by the carnival games standing in front of a man holding a bright orange candy bowl. I end up holding the bottled water in the back pack after 2 sips from my wonderful child. He runs off after I took it off his hands and I drag myself over to the one getting candy. He has inspected every piece in the bowl but still struggles to make a decision as the line behind him gets longer and longer. “Come on! Just pick a piece and keep it moving” – finally he grabs a lollipop. Does he put it in the bag? Of course not! He stands there and takes 45 seconds to remove the paper and then starts the “I’m going to be a sticky mess in about 3 minutes” process. Lots of spit, sucking noises, crunches, etc.

I yelled for my other son to come see me about 4-5 times as he ran by me with his little friends and I’m becoming more and more frustrated every moment I’m at this festival.

Why did I come? I knew this was going to happen. To make a very long story short we ended up playing the carnival games and found ourselves on a mini fire truck hayride on the way out. Both boys were told they were grounded from “the phones”. What the heck?!?!? They don’t even have a phone or a job. Why do my boys have my iPhone so much? It’s mine. What happened to board games and Legos? They are here in the house and by that I mean all over the house. Little ninja weapons left out for mommy to get hurt with.

I have to get it right with these boys before it’s too late…