It’s Only Monday…

Earlier tonight…

Aaron (yelling from the living room): “I just got Squirrel Girl’s helicopter on Lego Marvel Super Hero Avengers.”

Me: “That’s great buddy.”


Aaron (whispers): “I’m going to clean up this mess.”

He walks into my room.

Aaron: “I have 3 words. Where is the towel? No, no, no. I have 4 words. Where is a towel?

Me: “Over there. How big is this mess?” Pointing to a laundry basket of clean clothes.

Aaron: “Big.”

Welcome back to Aaron’s magical world. A world where he’s striving to become the champion of messes. Will he win for most spilled drinks in one week? I think he has a shot, folks.

Oh, you missed the last spill? Check this out…Brunch & Paper Towels.

Why are kids so messy? I would be happy if they at least contained it. They have a decent size bedroom. Just for the two of them. Why can’t you play in there? When I come home from work after a long day I want to relax. I don’t want to have to constantly clean up all the random crap you left around.

Random Cheese

Random Things In My Fridge

After you’ve been fed, bathed and we’ve said our prayers I long for one thing…my bed.

white bedding


My reality


You’ve got to be kidding…

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