Off Brand Shopping

 Can we talk about “off brands” for a minute?

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1. not having a recognized or popular brand or name:

2. being a cheap or inferior brand or grade:

3. a brand or name that is unrecognized or relatively unfamiliar.
4. a cheap or inferior brand.
What items are okay to purchase as an “off brand” vs “name brand”?
I can be ridiculous when it comes to this subject. I am very picky for someone who has a tight budget. I like what I like. There are coupons or you can buy a smaller quantity of it until you get paid again. I’m not talking about super fancy stuff either. For example, I have a coke problem. Don’t get all crazy ya’ll… A Coca-Cola addiction. So the other night I asked my darling husband to run out and get some drinks. Why in the world did he bring back this?
what?!?! Why?!?
I was so hurt…
Me: “Seriously, why? How could you? How much did you pay for this?”
Husband: “$5.00 for both 12 pks.”
Me: “Oh, that’s great. You saved us $1.00.”
I hung my head and sulked like a spoiled child.
Me: ‘You have to know where to get them on sale. I never pay more than $3.00 for a 12pk of Coke. I can’t drink this.”
Husband: “You will drink this. That’s why these kids give you such a hard time about dinner. They’re just like their mama.”
Me: “This sucks.”
So I drank it. It wasn’t disgusting. It wasn’t coke though. Mental note…stop sending him to the store.
Another example: Bath & body products
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I feel like I’m on a budget in this category. I feel safe with Suave. Does it strip my hair? Yes. Does it smell good? Yes. Can I afford it? Yes.
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This is the “I’m not sure how we’re going to put gas in the cars this week” category. Do I need to wash? Yes. Do you consider yourself broke right now? Yes. VO5 is a great choice for this scenario.
Now that you have a basic understanding of my brand name thoughts for budget shampoo/bath soap maybe you’ll understand why I was so confused when my husband brought this home tonight?
Me: “Hey babe! What kind of soap is this?”
Husband: “What soap?”
Me: “The soap you just bought.”
Husband: “I don’t know. It’s soap you wash your hair and body with. Why? What does it say?”
Me: “Where did you get it?”
Husband: “Wal-Mart.”
So basically he’s at the store that has EVERYTHING. Every brand name you can imagine is in front of him. From $0.98 up to however much people who have money spend on soap and this is what he grabbed. Interesting.
Make mental note with a more permanent writing utensil…stop sending him to the store.


3 thoughts on “Off Brand Shopping

  1. I laughed so hard. I can’t drink that cola either. I had to give up soda water in general though. Coca-Cola oh how I miss you!

    I have a teacher once who talked about the difference between name brand and store brand. He told us store brand was the exact same stuff only in different packaging. And the different packaging made for a lower cost. All these years later I think he was wrong. At the time I didn’t question but Coke versus cola is a prime example. It’s different!! I don’t care what anybody says 😂


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