Hotdog Baths

20160502_195543.jpgTonight I had a revelation. My five year old thinks he runs this household. Well, at least when daddy isn’t home. It’s just me and him tonight.

  1. I pushed him in a stroller to the grocery store.
  2. I listened to him whine and complain through the entire store.
  3. I let him scan and bag each item in the self-checkout.
  4. I let him pay using 15+ dollar coins…do you have any idea how long it takes a child to put 15 coins into a machine? Too long.
  5. I pushed him home in a stroller while carrying two heavy bags on each wrist…while pretending the stroller was The Woodstock Express. (Carowinds Theme Park)

    Courtesy of
  6. I cooked our dinner. Slack as usual…hotdogs w/ Mac & Cheese.
  7. I accidently put mustard on his hotdog by mistake. He only wanted ketchup.
  8. I quickly tried to clean all of it off.
    1. Used knife to scrape off the majority.
    2. Used paper towel to wipe off the remaining mustard.
    3. Used another paper towel to remove even more mustard from the crevices.
  9. I thought to myself…Why wouldn’t you just rinse it off? Wouldn’t a hotdog bath be easier vs. scrubbing this disgusting piece of meat with paper towels?
  10. I thought to myself… Maybe I could think straight if Dino Squad would shut the heck up. “I’m in…I’m in…in the Dino Squad!” JUST SHUT UP! NO ONE CARES!
  11. I served dinner and he ate it.
  12. I sat down.

Aaron: “Hey mama! You want to build a fort with me.”

So…after our fort I’m going to bed. Ya’ll have a good night 🙂

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