Oh No… I’ve Become Malcolm’s Mom!

Over the last few weeks I’ve introduced the boys to some of the shows I enjoyed watching when I was younger. Thanks to Netflix for a minimal monthly payment we can travel back in time!


Saved By The Bell

While my memories are mostly about Zack & Kelly’s love story it was interesting to see that my son’s favorite character was Screech! We are watching it from the first episode in junior high. Both boys love the episode about trying to prank Miss Bliss 🙂


Malcolm In The Middle

Now this is the show that has us all hooked. Watching this as an adult is a completely different experience. As a mother of two boys… ALL BOY… ALL THE TIME.. I can relate to the mom now. It’s actually quite scary how much I am now like her. In one episode their home is being treated for an infestation of bugs so they are sleeping in a tiny camper in the front yard. They are hot, irritated and cramped together. No one was speaking. Just the soft sounds of one of the boys turning the pages of a magazine.

“CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?!?!” screams his mother.

As sad as this is to admit…that is me. Sometimes the slightest peep after they’ve driven me to a certain point makes me daydream about jumping. A nose dive off the cliff they chased me up to. Not really of course…It’s never that bad. I’m the type to exaggerate and have what my darling husband likes to call a “PA”.

When I get beyond stressed and start freaking out with “a mini panic attack” he along with the kids will joke and say…

“Uh oh…mama’s about to have a PA!”

I think that’s why I enjoy this show because it’s a bunch of screaming lunatics living together but they end up laughing and hugging it out within 30 minutes.

What shows can you better relate to now that you’re all grown up? 🙂

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