Meditation Monday


At the end of last summer my father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. (He just finished Chemo treatments and his scan came back clear!)

My kids were with my parents most of the summer so when we found out I drove down to Charleston right away. I spent a week there while they removed a large tumor from his intestine.

The picture above was taken at the hospital cafeteria. My mother took him down to get something to eat during one of our visits with Papa. Out of nowhere he plops down in this pose. Eyes closed. When asked what the heck he was doing he responds with… “I’m mediatating.”

I blame Splinter. I 100% blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What’s even more interesting/inappropriate is the way he’s holding his hands. Why son? Why are you flipping off everyone in the cafeteria. That’s not peaceful.

Kids are amazing. They are unpredictable and they will embarrass you anywhere…anytime. Gotta love them anyway 🙂

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