Can He Afford His Big Dreams?

Isaiah was recently hired by his father to do dishes. I know…that’s a topic all on its own.

The focus here is Aaron’s meltdown regarding the whole situation.

Aaron: “Isaiah, can I help you with the dishes and then we can split the money?”

Me: “Isaiah are you seriously subcontracting out your one chore. I mean, I guess it’s fine because you’ll do less work and still get some money.”

Isaiah: “No. I don’t need help.”

Aaron: “AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! It’s not fair! I’m never going to catch up to him now!”

Me: “Huh?”

Not knowing at this point that daddy told them the $10 Isaiah was offered was a great deal considering the most mommy would ever pay them would be maybe $5.

Once I was brought up to speed the insanity continued.

Me: “Aaron, calm down. I can offer you a job. Stop freaking out and then we can talk.”

Aaron: (hyperventilating in the backseat) “It’s never going to work. I really need to save $300.”

Me: “For what?” (trying my best not to laugh!)

Aaron: “I need to save $300. After that I’m going to save a billion dollars so I can buy whatever I want. I was thinking about buying an island.”

Let’s pause here… what the devil am I supposed to say to that?!?!?

An island, really sir, an island???

Ok…you can do this…get back in there and see if you can help…

Me: “Ok let’s see. At $5 per week that would be a total of $20 per month. At that rate you’ll have the $300 goal met in 1 year and 3 months.”

Aaron: “AAAAHHHHH!!!!” (completely hysterical…)

Me: “Aaron…Aaron…Aaron…………Listen…Aaron! You really need to start thinking creatively if this is going to work.”

Aaron: (finally stops sobbing for a second) “What do you mean?”

Me: “Clearly your salary isn’t going to cut it. Is there anything you can sell? Maybe some toys that you don’t want anymore?”

Aaron: “I think so.”

That’s pretty much as far as we got tonight.

We’ll have to do some further research to figure out where this billion dollars is coming from!


Throwback Thursday – Random Cheese

Throwback Thursday is still a thing, right? Well…either way here’s an old one for you.

Random Cheese

What’s on the floor at your house?

Wait…am I the only one with a mess? 🙂

The Value of a Genuine Smile

For seventeen years I have worked in customer service. I’ve done my time in the fast food industry. I’ve worked in sales and marketing. I currently manage a call center.

I understand the high level of stress that comes with the role but I also know from experience it is possible to exceed the customer’s expectations. It drives me insane when I give a business my money and I receive substandard service. Continue reading

Great Questions!

snow cones

My church is having our annual summer Vacation Bible School this week. So far it has been a BLAST! On Wednesday nights we have our mid-week Bible study and I was able to catch part of the lesson before heading outside to help with Snow Cones 🙂

The minister was talking about measuring success. In order to measure your success he suggested asking yourself the following questions.

  1. Is what I am doing working? Insanity- doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.
  2. Why am I doing what I’m doing? What is your motive?
  3. Can what I am doing be improved?
  4. Will what I am doing help me reach my goals?

If you are the smartest/richest person in your circle…you’re in the wrong circle. You can’t afford to constantly pour into others without being fed yourself.

These are some GREAT questions to consider!

Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

I’m Not That Kind Of Guy

My oldest son wanted to watch TV vs. Playing video games. This caused Aaron to morph into an angry monster. He flipped out and ended up spilling a few drinks. 

As we are cleaning up the mess from his ridiculous behavior these are some of his comments…

“I’m not the type of guy that doesn’t do stuff. I’m the type of guy that has energy and does funness.”

Dude…you’re 5. 

“I’m bored and boredom is not something that I will take.”

Well, my disrespectful overtired child… I am tired and your behavior is something that I WILL NOT TAKE! 

So…good night!

How To Be A Supportive Mom

Eli Apple is the 1st round draft pick this year for the NY Giants. He is a grown man whose mother drops him off for his first day and I’m dying laughing at this video she made. This is me ya’ll!
Continue reading

It’s The Weekend! A Time To Rest or No?

It’s Friday night! I’m off of work and finally get inside our apartment just before 8PM. I ordered pizza already.

I lay down my things and sit on the edge of my bed. Breathe…the work week is over. Finally time to relax 🙂

My two boys come rushing in. Mama! Mama! Lots of hugs (smells of sweat, grass, dirt, etc.) and kisses as we catch up on how their day was. Video games, football, playing cards with daddy. It was a good day.

Not unlike any other day Isaiah’s bouncing got a little out of control. He knocked over a can of coke on my night stand. It spilled onto the edges of my pillows, on the bed, down the side of my night stand and finally dripping swiftly into the carpet.

Both children scatter. Interesting…. Continue reading