It’s The Weekend! A Time To Rest or No?

It’s Friday night! I’m off of work and finally get inside our apartment just before 8PM. I ordered pizza already.

I lay down my things and sit on the edge of my bed. Breathe…the work week is over. Finally time to relax 🙂

My two boys come rushing in. Mama! Mama! Lots of hugs (smells of sweat, grass, dirt, etc.) and kisses as we catch up on how their day was. Video games, football, playing cards with daddy. It was a good day.

Not unlike any other day Isaiah’s bouncing got a little out of control. He knocked over a can of coke on my night stand. It spilled onto the edges of my pillows, on the bed, down the side of my night stand and finally dripping swiftly into the carpet.

Both children scatter. Interesting….

I began cleaning up the mess with some small hand towels. Isaiah bee-bops back in the room with some paper towels.

“No, son that’s not going to work.” – At least he tried to assist.

Apparently Aaron had no desire to get further involved. He was still no where to be found.

Seconds after I finished cleaning up the mess Isaiah busts in the room while rambling on about Warcraft, his armor, his wife????, Aaron’s role in the game and honestly I kind of zoned out after the first few things.

Isaiah – Warcraft costume

He runs back to his room to play with Aaron. Ok…it’s time to chill out now. I scroll through Facebook and chat with my husband for maybe ten minutes before…the concert…

No introduction really…it just began…


If we had just a fraction of the energy and imagination our children do…what could we accomplish?

Just a thought 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend! A Time To Rest or No?

  1. I wonder that daily! Watching my son run, jump, and bounce around makes me tired sometimes. 😉 If I had even half the energy he does, that I used to, I think I’d be amazed at what I’d get done. I love this! And your kids are adorable and precious! Thanks for sharing!

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