How To Be A Supportive Mom

Eli Apple is the 1st round draft pick this year for the NY Giants. He is a grown man whose mother drops him off for his first day and I’m dying laughing at this video she made. This is me ya’ll!

I will be the mother who documents those big moments when my boys are like 33 years old. Luckily, my husband is on a mission to protect them from utter humiliation. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Check on the video using the link below.

What do you think? Is this being supportive or just ridiculous?

10 thoughts on “How To Be A Supportive Mom

    1. hahaha!! Sure does… I think he had mommy & daddy drop him off for his first NFL day. I haven’t looked at that video in a while. I Forgot how funny his mom was! Kids will embarrass us but you know…moms are pretty good at embarrassing their babies too 🙂

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