The Value of a Genuine Smile

customer service

For seventeen years I have worked in customer service. I’ve done my time in the fast food industry. I’ve worked in sales and marketing. I currently manage a call center.

I understand the high level of stress that comes with the role but I also know from experience it is possible to exceed the customer’s expectations. It drives me insane when I give a business my money and I receive substandard service.

Within the fast food industry Chick-Fil-A is so often used as the model of what GREAT customer service should look like. Every time I visit their restaurant I enjoy a pleasant experience.

Do they serve food the fastest? 

Does their food have a superior taste? 

Is their restaurant cleaner?

Do their employees/managers actually care?

Do they display professionalism?

I believe above all other things one could consider about the customer service experience that a “Genuine Smile” is the most valuable.

Things happen…

You are short on staff! 

Someone forgot to put more fries down! 

A large bus unloads an entire football team at 9:30PM and you close at 10:00PM!

Customer service is stressful. Just like anything else in life the response to that stress is what matters at the end of the day.

You can buy my patience with a genuine smile.

You can buy my repeat business when you make eye contact.


10 thoughts on “The Value of a Genuine Smile

  1. A former manager in an hotel I worked will tell us to leave anything that’s making us sad at the gate once we sign in for work, and think only happy thoughts throughout our shift. Not everyone does it of course. I can’t help smiling since my 9th grade. Story for another day.


  2. I do believe that is why my customers keep coming back! It takes a certain kind of person to work with the public and I genuinely enjoy what I do, mostly the customer service part. I do love making people happy!


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