What Does Your Road Trip Sound Like?

The Mellix family was on the road this weekend. We took a short road trip (2 hours) to Darlington, SC where my husband sang at a youth service. We had an incredible time and met some fantastic people.

I enjoyed spending some time away from the house with my family. Our road trips are a lot of fun. As always the boys were overflowing with energy so they kept things pretty interesting along the way.

So my topic tonight is…What does your road trip sound like? Continue reading

Basketball History

Aaron: “oohhhh!! I’m Steph Curry…he shoots he scores…”

Super hero toys fly through the air into large plastic bins on the floor. The boys are hard at work cleaning their room…finally.

Isaiah: “Here comes Thomas Jefferson…OOOOOO…he hits a 3-pointer!” Continue reading

How To Make A Bagel (7 easy steps)

  1. Cut bagel in half.
  2. Put bagel in toaster for 1-2 minutes. (lightly toast it…be careful not to burn!)
  3. Get cream cheese out of the fridge.
  4. Stare in utter disappointment at the empty container.empty
  5. Rejoice because you’ve lived with these two boys & handsome man of your dreams for so long you’re prepared for moments like this.
  6. Grab the bigger container of cream cheese you bought yesterday as a back up plan & spread on the AWESOMENESS.
  7. Enjoy bagel!











Get Your Hands Involved!

I’ve had it! Seriously, this is just ridiculous. I don’t understand how hard it is to pee in the toilet. I mean the hole is HUGE! Just aim for the water…At this point can we just get it on the seat?

Why & how are we at the point where it smells like a gas station bathroom in the back woods? Continue reading

Don’t Mess With My 5 Year Old…

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen while the boys ran back and forth through the apartment playing some sort of war game. I noticed a large bruise on Isaiah’s arm and asked how he got it.

Isaiah: “Aaron bit me yesterday when we were climbing down the mountain.” (They went hiking with daddy on King’s Mountain) Continue reading

How To Communicate With Your Spouse

It is easy to find books on improving communication within a marriage. I’ve read a TON of books on becoming a better wife, better mom, etc. but it wasn’t until a friend let me borrow this book that I made some serious progress.waffles-spaghetti

The analogy is so simple but it opened my eyes to more of who men are in general. They really just don’t THINK!

Ok let me clarify this before I get in trouble 😉 Continue reading