How To Communicate With Your Spouse

It is easy to find books on improving communication within a marriage. I’ve read a TON of books on becoming a better wife, better mom, etc. but it wasn’t until a friend let me borrow this book that I made some serious progress.waffles-spaghetti

The analogy is so simple but it opened my eyes to more of who men are in general. They really just don’t THINK!

Ok let me clarify this before I get in trouble 😉

They don’t think CONSTANTLY like we do. Here let me define the whole waffles spaghetti thing real quick so you’ll better understand what I mean.


Picture those little square compartments. Men only think about one thing at a time. Not to mention that sometimes there’s actually NOTHING in the compartment. I can’t even wrap my busy little mind around that.

Can you imagine ladies….sitting down (yeah right!) and then to just have a blank space? No concerns, no brainstorming, no….nothing. WOW! Talk about a spa day!


For the ladies out there I KNOW you can relate to this. Picture an Italian restaurant. They bring out the HUGE family style bowl of spaghetti for the table to share. Those noodles represent all of the things that are constantly on our minds. They are interconnected. Every thought is in some way affected by the other crap on your mind. So guys if you’re reading this…maybe that’s why something “simple” causes us to snap because it’s not just THAT. It’s everything we have going on.

What have I learned?

I already knew my mind was a bunch of messy lunatic noodles. I did gain some perspective on my husband though. Have you ever asked your husband this question?

“Hey babe…What are you thinking about?”

Don’t you just get mad or at least doubt he’s being truthful when he says “nothing”? I mean seriously you aren’t thinking about anything???

Sports, politics, work….me? the kids? you just got nothing in there?

So…my point is IF men’s minds are like waffles then I can accept this. If it’s a scientific thing that he can just “clock out” I can’t be mad, right?

So I’ve learned to chill out a bit. I’ve learned to give him less at one time. I can’t just rattle off all the things I need him to do. I’m working on that 🙂

Bottomline here is if you’re married go get this book. Just got married or coming up on 10 years like us…get the book!

Hope you all are having a FABULOUS 4th of July weekend! Stay safe & cool out there 🙂

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