Basketball History

Aaron: “oohhhh!! I’m Steph Curry…he shoots he scores…”

Super hero toys fly through the air into large plastic bins on the floor. The boys are hard at work cleaning their room…finally.

Isaiah: “Here comes Thomas Jefferson…OOOOOO…he hits a 3-pointer!”

Me: “ummm…Thomas Jefferson?”

Isaiah: “You know…the one who always hits the jump shots.”

Me: “You mean Lebron James?”

Isaiah: “NO! He plays on the warriors with Curry. His name starts with a T.”

Ok Google, warriors players…… Got it!

Me: “You mean Klay Thompson?”klay thompson

Isaiah: “Yeah! Klay Thompson!”

I showed him a picture of Thomas Jefferson and we all busted up laughing.thomas jefferson

I seriously doubt the 3rd president of the United States recently played in the championship 🙂



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