What Does Your Road Trip Sound Like?

The Mellix family was on the road this weekend. We took a short road trip (2 hours) to Darlington, SC where my husband sang at a youth service. We had an incredible time and met some fantastic people.

I enjoyed spending some time away from the house with my family. Our road trips are a lot of fun. As always the boys were overflowing with energy so they kept things pretty interesting along the way.

So my topic tonight is…What does your road trip sound like? Smooth sailing there and back? Do you need a vacation from a vacation when it’s all over?

By the end of most of our trips I’m mentally in survival mode. A few months ago my oldest threw up an entire stomach full of liquid onto the floor in the backseat. That was probably the worst clean up since I have become a mother. This weekend trip went well despite the normal foolishness coming from the kids.

  • It’s not fair! Why does he get the bigger toy?          (Ignore…)
  • Can I have your phone? NO. Can I have daddy’s phone?       NO.
  • Can I be in charge of the map? (GPS AKA…can I have your phone?)      NO.
  • I’m bored.        (Toss notebook/pen into the backseat)
    • Begin suffering the consequences almost immediately…
      • Mama, Look! Mama, Look! Mama, Look!      (broken neck…check!)
  • Are we there yet?
  • Are we sleeping in a hotel tonight?
  • I have to pee. I CAN’T HOLD IT! IT’S GONNA COME OUT!
  • My belly hurts.
  • Superhero battle noises. Lots of sound effects. Lots of spit.
  • I didn’t get a souvenir. You promised I could get one.
  • Both kids singing a song they made up using “Minions” language. The only word that made any sense was the big finish…”ALMOND!” Seriously…driving car off cliff in 3..2…1…

To the moms out there with wild & crazy kids… hang in there!

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