Back To School Tirade!

That time of year is here yet again. Back to school, folks!

Back To School Sales Commercial
Back To School Sales Commercial

No more children in the house destroying property and eating all of the groceries. I figured it would be best to focus on the positive before diving in to my more frustrating thoughts on the upcoming “first day”.

This year both of the boys will be in school! No more daycare! In order to qualify for the reduction in my monthly expenses I must comply with the following guidelines:

Number 1: School Supplies (K5 & 3rd grade)


10 (3rd) + 20 (K5) = 30 glue sticks

For what?!?!

If there are 25 kids in the class (K5) multiplied by 20…


What the devil are you going to glue??


Number 2: New Wardrobe

Brand new clothes. Brand new Shoes. Fresh haircut. Brand new backpack. Brand new lunch box. Ummm..that’s a lot of money.

Number 3: School Lunch

These jokers in the cafeteria are CRAZY!! (not counting snacks)

  • Breakfast $1.30
  • Lunch $2.20
  • Total (daily) $3.50 X 2 kids = $7 X 5 days = $35/wk X 4 = $140/month

Last night I created a spreadsheet of items needed to have breakfast at home and then to also pack lunchboxes. I drilled the cost down to price per slice of bread, turkey, ham, cheese, individual drinks, fruit, bags of chips, etc.

  • Eggs (2), Bacon (3 slices) & 12 oz. milk = $.81
  • Cereal (2 cups) & Milk = $.75
  • Turkey/cheese sandwich, chips, fruit & Capri Sun = $1.47
  • PB&J, chips, fruit & Milk ($.75@school) = $1.58

Fact: School lunch tastes nasty. I have visited for lunch and it’s true.

Fact: I can feed my kids more food (better tasting!)…for less money.

Overall I’m excited…a TON of prep work to be done in the next few days but it will be good for everyone once we get ourselves more structured.

Good luck to everyone as you prepare for another school year 🙂

Good night!


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