How to start a Thursday evening…

Thursday Evening…

6:16 Left work. Daycare closes at 6:30….speeding…speeding…

6:29 Sprint into daycare. Manager says the boys are still in the afterschool clubhouse. Sprint outside and barge into the clubhouse.

6:31 Every employee that works for the daycare is sitting down waiting for their staff meeting to begin.

6:32 Aaron is throwing a temper tantrum about the cookies and lemonade he can’t have. This snack was for the staff meeting.

6:34 Leave clubhouse holding a TMNT backpack with a shell and a five year old in my other arm while he continues to weep about life not being fair.

6:45 arrive at Chick-fil-a. Kids run into play area while I order their food.

6:55 Walking with our food to the car Isaiah stops in the middle of the street.


Me: What?!?! Get out of the street son!


After dragging him out of the street and over to the car…

Isaiah: Here on my leg! (no blood found?) and here on my shoulder (pretty nasty road burn/rash). He yanks his t-shirt over his shoulder to show his wound.

Me: How did that happen?

Isaiah: All because of Aaron. In the play place he scared me and I fell.

Aaron: What? I don’t even know how life works. I’m only five years old.

With no remorse at all Aaron climbs into his booster seat and takes a sip of his drink.

Me: Isaiah…please just get in the car.

Minutes later we pull into a parking space outside of our apartment building. I beg them to take all of their junk out of my car like I do everyday. Isaiah is the first to get out. Walking up the sidewalk with Aaron this is what I see…

I’m sure the t-shirt is in the backseat. Add it to the collection of garbage they leave behind.

Anyway….we’re home and it’s time for homework, baths, etc. and we’ll do it all again tomorrow.

Good night!

3 thoughts on “How to start a Thursday evening…

  1. This made me laugh because at least mine wait to get in the house before the clothes come off and it is usually their pants as they step through the door! 🙂

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