Meat Department Temptation

Grocery shopping is at the top of my list of things I’d rather not do. I try to avoid going with the boys because it takes longer but their presence certainly makes things more interesting.

Tonight as we round the corner of the bakery and move into the meat department section of the store Isaiah’s eyes get big and he stops pushing the cart. My youngest is sitting inside of it squishing the first few things I’ve picked up. He walks over to a bright red sign…wp-image-261887404jpg.jpg

Me: “NOOOOO!! Don’t even think about!!”

He places his hand on the button and stares at me. I glare back at him with the look of…I will ruin your night if you do it…

Thankfully he made a wise choice. I’m still wondering who thought it was a great idea to make this  bright and ridiculous sign for the meat department. Seriously, a kid isn’t going to say “excuse me sir, can I have 4.5 pounds of that pork shoulder?”

Why do adults need such a BIG HUGE SIGN? It literally screams “Hey! Little kid…you know you want to press this button! Hey! Come press this button!”

Moving down further I picked up a few pounds of ground beef on sale. Next we moved on to the chicken. I stood there far too long trying to decide what to purchase. Aaron was leaning out of the cart and was pushing away from Isaiah. Isaiah was staring at a pack of chicken and didn’t even notice his brother was getting away. All of a sudden Isaiah yells out…

“MAMA! Hey look…it’s chicken boobs! Get it…chicken breasts. Breasts are boobs.”

My face turned “you can’t control your kids” shade of red and I bolted out of the meat department as fast as possible. This child is determined to embarrass me.

The remainder of our shopping trip went fairly well but you never know with these two.

Kids will say anything…anywhere.

9 thoughts on “Meat Department Temptation

  1. Although I don’t have kids myself, I’ve seen and heard about so many stories, that I’ve come to think that children have a secret task of embarassing their parents every now and then…

    I remember this time at the bank (back in time, when people used to actually interract with other human beings)… My mom had taken me ( 6 years old) and my brother (a little over 3 years old) with her (little bro sitting on the counter), while she was doing her business paying bills…

    my brother (as innocent as a child can be) “moooooom…. scratch my butt please!”

    mom (obviously surprised by the sudden request) “???!?”

    little bro (who probably wanted my mother to die from excess of shame) “Do we get to take a bath tonight???”

    As you probably imagined, bathing was part of our daily routine… We’ll never know where that came from. But the teller’s face, and my mom’s were priceless!

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