No More Details

Aaron yells out from the bathroom….he’s on the toilet….

Aaron: Mama! Come here!

Me: What’s wrong?

Aaron: You know those spices that are sometimes on your poop?

*** holding in the urge to gag ***

Me: Umm…no. What’s the problem?

Jumps off the toilet and points…

Aaron: See those red things. Those spices.

Me: Aaron…I think you’re fine. It’s probably just something you ate recently.

Aaron: I feel kinda sick.

Me: Okay. I’ll run you a warm bath. Get in it when you’re finished going potty.

I start the bath and walk out to go get him a towel from my bathroom.

Aaron: Mama! I think my toe jam is back!

Me: OMG!! Okay! Just get in the tub and soak!!

After a few minutes of soaking I go in to check on him.

Aaron: It’s working! My skin hurts. That means the fins are coming out. It’s working!

Me: What?!?!?


Aaron: See…my muscles are coming in!

Me: ….

I can’t take any more details and/or foolishness this evening. Let’s just get you washed up.

For more of Aaron’s bathroom communication check out this one: Can you wipe my butt please?




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