Expensive Napkins

Isaiah: Are they serious? Who would pay 25 cents for a napkin when they have free paper towels? 


I totally froze with no good explanation. We used our “free paper towels” and I quickly got them out of the bathroom and on to our next adventure.

Note to self: think about how to explain “girl topics” to my boys.

Anyone out there with boys? At what point did you explain to them what a period is? 

10 thoughts on “Expensive Napkins

  1. Our bathroom doors are always open and so my son walked in on me when I was dealing with my period. Kids ask questions when they want to understand something and so did he. And I explained in a very child friendly way (I told him that there is the room that would host a baby if a baby would arrive and so the room needs to be all cozy and soft but then, when no baby arrives it needs to be cleaned again in order to make it ready for the next month in case a baby would arrive then). He thought it was a funny idea and made me promise not to clean out everything that makes his or his baby sister’s room cozy just because there wouldn’t be another baby moving in… That was about it…

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  2. My son is in 5th grade and we recently went to a meeting to review the curriculum for this topic. I have had a few discussions with him already, but this will be more extensive and scientific. The presentation was amusing as she related that when the kids see the diagram of menses in motion, she’s had girls puke and boys pass out!!


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