Thanks Facebook…you jerk :(

Full disclosure: this is me having a “real” moment.

I enjoy Facebook’s “on this day” feature for the most part. A friendly reminder of precious moments that happened this same day in past years.

Not today though.

If only Facebook could filter based on how the reminder would make me feel.

Do I want you to show me cute baby pictures of my kids? Yes.

Remember when you finally graduated college? Yep.

Do you want to relive Christmas day? Of course.

Do you want to see where you told the world that you’re overweight to the point you could be compared to an eggplant? Yep….

I mean NO! Why? Why would I do that?

OMG…I Am An Eggplant 😦

But I’ve lost a bunch of weight and am now living a healthy lifestyle, right?

You know what Facebook?!?!

No. I don’t have it all together.

I’m at lunch (McDonalds).

I’m dressed in black (slimming color).

…. and I would have added a snack size Mcflurry but like always the machine is down!

I fully intend to get myself straight but it’s not happening today.


6 thoughts on “Thanks Facebook…you jerk :(

  1. I feel the same. Most of the time it’s okay, but if I want to see those things again, I just screen shot them. Ugh! On a much lighter note, I have nominated you for the Song a Day Challenge and the rules are at my site: https :// It’s a challenge but fun thinking of songs you might not have thought of recently. Five days is all. Have fun with it if you choose to participate.

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