A New Level of Disappointment

You open your refrigerator and see the carton of milk only to find 3 drops left at the bottom. Maybe it was your favorite bag of chips with just a few crumbs left. You had a craving. You made your way into the kitchen. The container supposedly holding what will satisfy your craving is there.  You see it but inside you find there’s nothing left. No way of satisfying what you had a taste for. 

I’ll admit living with my family this has happened plenty of times. I’ve been tricked by the cereal box the most. I can taste the spoonful of Fruit Loops only the box is empty or half full but no one took the time to roll the bag down and it tastes slightly stale.

I’d be willing to bet if you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about. The question I have tonight…well this morning now is how many can relate to the type of disrespect below:

20170422_235921I was lying in my bed relaxing. The kids were asleep and my husband wasn’t home yet. He was traveling back from an event and I wasn’t expecting him for at least another hour.

Chocolate. Where can I get some?


Yes, I remember seeing the package earlier today. Imagine my shock, horror, disgust, etc. when I open the package to find someone licked all of the frosting out and put the cookies back in. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!? What is wrong with these people?

Did I dig around to see if there were any “unlicked” cookies?

Yes…I found and ate all 6 of them. Don’t judge me.

What’s the most shocking disappointment you’ve found in your kitchen?

3 thoughts on “A New Level of Disappointment

  1. Thanks for sharing that with us, I wish I had a sweet story to tell about that happening to me. But I just can’t really remember one.


  2. Mouahahahaha I am a bit (read “really-really”) late on this one, but it is priceless…

    I have a question though… You did mention (and I quote) “Chocolate. Where can I get some?” and unless I am mistaken he/they left all the chocolaty part of the Oreos!! Why complain?? LOL

    Seriously, excellent post, thanks for sharing 🙂 xx


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