How To Make A Bagel (7 easy steps)

How To Make A Bagel (7 easy steps)

Cut bagel in half. Put bagel in toaster for 1-2 minutes. (lightly toast careful not to burn!) Get cream cheese out of the fridge. Stare in utter disappointment at the empty container. Rejoice because you've lived with these two boys & handsome man of your dreams for so long you're prepared for moments like [...]

Random Things In My Fridge

Here is my refrigerator. The handle is beautifully decorated with a fluffy Christmas blanky. How this appliance has become an extra storage space is something I can't explain. I've previously shared some of the random contents my lovely boys have left behind. In case you missed it here are the links. Cold Little Socks A Gorilla’s [...]

How To Tell Who Cooked Breakfast

Eggs....check. Seasoning...check. Cheese...check. Giant rock covered in sparkles....interesting. I'm going with Aaron "the rock collector" on this one. Looks like someone was helping daddy with breakfast 🙂