Morning Song Series- Monday

Morning Song Series- Monday

Every weekday as we drive to school we have a different theme  song. This week we are sharing them with you!  Tomorrow we'll be "pepping" things up with an original so stay tuned ­čÖé Click the link below for our Monday song...

“Here We Are” Nathan Mellix

My husband just released a compilation album titled "Let's Go In" on April 8th with Nicole White & Michael Durant. Here's a link to Nathan's song "Here We Are". The project sounds AMAZING and I know it's going to minister to so many people. I'm incredibly proud of him. Enjoy!

Daddy Is Better Than You

Anyone have a mama's boy? What about a daddy's boy?   We┬áhave one of each. My oldest is an absolute mama's boy. I love it! My younger son is all about daddy. Yesterday on the way to church I was educating my children on some old school kind of music that I enjoy. I sang [...]

Glazed Donuts With Rashes

  ┬áSaturday Expectation: My one day to accomplish as much as possible. Reality: HAHAHA!! Silly have children! ----------------------------------------------------------- Non-productive Actions &/or Quotes from the Mellix household today: I made Captain America cookies. The video I saw made it look so simple. It was difficult. They were gross. I lost to my 8 yr old [...]

How God Speaks To Me

I was driving home from the grocery store the other night with Aaron in the back seat. An old Boys II Men song popped in my head so I randomly belted out... "So now we've come to the end of the road! Still I can't let go! You belong to me! I belong toooooo youuuuu...." [...]