Don’t Mess With My 5 Year Old…

Don’t Mess With My 5 Year Old…

The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen while the boys ran back and forth through the apartment playing some sort of war game. I noticed a large bruise on Isaiah's arm and asked how he got it. Isaiah: "Aaron bit me yesterday when we were climbing down the mountain." (They went hiking with [...]

Can He Afford His Big Dreams?

Can He Afford His Big Dreams?

Isaiah was recently hired by his father to do dishes. I know...that's a topic all on its own. The focus here is Aaron's meltdown regarding the whole situation. Aaron: "Isaiah, can I help you with the dishes and then we can split the money?" Me: "Isaiah are you seriously subcontracting out your one chore. I [...]

I’m Not That Kind Of Guy

My oldest son wanted to watch TV vs. Playing video games. This caused Aaron to morph into an angry monster. He flipped out and ended up spilling a few drinks.  As we are cleaning up the mess from his ridiculous behavior these are some of his comments... "I'm not the type of guy that doesn't [...]

How To Be A Supportive Mom

Eli Apple is the 1st round draft pick this year for the NY Giants. He is a grown man whose mother drops him off for his first day and I'm dying laughing at this video she made. This is me ya'll! I will be the mother who documents those big moments when my boys are [...]

It’s The Weekend! A Time To Rest or No?

It's Friday night! I'm off of work and finally get inside our apartment just before 8PM. I ordered pizza already. I lay down my things and sit on the edge of my bed. Breathe...the work week is over. Finally time to relax 🙂 My two boys come rushing in. Mama! Mama! Lots of hugs (smells [...]

Meditation Monday

At the end of last summer my father was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. (He just finished Chemo treatments and his scan came back clear!) My kids were with my parents most of the summer so when we found out I drove down to Charleston right away. I spent a week there while they removed a [...]

Lifecycle Of A Magnetic Tower

Stage 1 Older brother builds tower. Mom sends him to go shower and get dressed. Stage 2 Younger brother upgrades tower. Snaps photo on mom's cell phone. Shows photo to older brother while he's in the shower. Stage 3 While younger brother is in the bath. Older brother goes in to tell him he accidently [...]

Oh No… I’ve Become Malcolm’s Mom!

Over the last few weeks I've introduced the boys to some of the shows I enjoyed watching when I was younger. Thanks to Netflix for a minimal monthly payment we can travel back in time! Saved By The Bell While my memories are mostly about Zack & Kelly's love story it was interesting to see [...]