Top 10 Reasons My Kids Won’t Let Me Use The Bathroom

Motherhood = NO Privacy!

Prior to having children I could use the restroom by myself. Seems like a simple thing that many women take for granted. Over the last eight years I have adjusted to the fact that there is no private time as mother. So that being said here’s my top 10 list of reasons my children barged in on me in the bathroom… Continue reading

Be Thankful!

thankfulIt’s a cold and rainy day here in Charlotte. Isaiah & I ran down to the bus this morning and I was laughing saying…this is what a Monday looks like 🙂

My Facebook timeline is filled with reasons why my friends and family are thankful. Every November a few of them will be consistent all month with one reason per day that they are thankful.

So…here’s my top 10 “things I’m thankful for”!

#1 Life

#2 Nathan- My best friend. He is faithful and strong. He makes me laugh even when I want to punch him in the face… 🙂 I love him more than my limited vocabulary can express.

#3 Isaiah- My first born. My Boogman. I never knew I could love this deep until I saw him.

#4 Aaron- my precious Monkadoo. He amazes me every day. He is so incredibly smart and gifted. Mama loves you hippo much!

Good Lord…why am I about to cry?!?! Not here at my desk… Get it together girl!

Ok, sorry…

#5 My parents – both gave and continue to give so much to their children. Gigantic hearts. Very blessed to have them in my life. Thank you for the love, support and guidance.

#6 Pastor & Mother Green- I had no idea what to expect the first time I stepped into PDT Ministries. From day one the genuine love my family felt has been so wonderful. Money can’t buy what we are so blessed to receive being a part of this church. Godly people who truly care. I’m surrounded by educated, successful, motivated and LOVING people every week. Each person there makes me want to be a better person. Thank you!

#7 My job- I complain too much about it. I have a tremendous amount of flexibility and I’m in a position that challenges me daily. It hasn’t been easy. It has pushed me.

#8 My home- It’s our space. It’s peaceful. It’s just the 4 of us 🙂

#9 Heating & Air- Some people don’t have it. On my trip to CA this summer I discovered some people are insane.

#10 God- He has a love for me that is unconditional. I make the same mistakes over and over but he loves me just the same. He’s patient. He’s kind. He’s always the same. Nothing else in my life is as solid and for that I am thankful.

Reasons why they didn’t finish dinner…

sonic corn dogMe: “Aaron why didn’t you eat your dinner?”

Aaron: “I don’t eat corn dogs with cracks in them.”

Me: “You owe me $1.49.”

“Corndog crack”, noun

A deformity in the breading that covers the hotdog portion of a corndog. Burns, torn bread, any discolored sections. Must be golden brown to qualify as an acceptable food.

Top 10 reasons my kids won’t go to sleep

Tonight was our mid-week Bible study so we get home pretty late. Isaiah was already drooling shortly after the lesson began and stumbled on to bed when we got home. wpid-20151104_211006.jpg Continue reading