Hyperactive Puppies Saving The World

Sometimes I think my oldest is part puppy. I’ve been home for less than 2 hours and I am drained. Just watching him run, skip, and leap around my house makes me incredibly sleepy.

sonic ramp

In his eyes my couch is one of those boosters on the road in a video game.

sonic hill

Those ramps that increase your speed just before you fly high into the air.

Every night run, run, run, SWOOOSH up and over the couch into a sprint for justice in his imaginary super hero world.

sonic flying

Both of my kids are constantly in a “save the world” mission mind set. They have so many fake weapons and Marvel gear. I must admit they really do look the part. A week or so ago I became fed up with their foolishness. I packed it all up. Everything that was “fighting” related was packed up and put away in the storage closet.

Let’s see how much trouble you can get into now with only your blocks and stuffed animals…hahahaha!!!

What a waste of my time… They quickly gathered replacements!

what they see

what they see shield

Basically nothing has changed. The battle against all of earth’s greatest enemies continues nightly in my living room, dining room, or where ever they hop, skip and jump.

Tonight I’ll leave you all with this visual reference of what I feel closely matches to my child’s energy level. Good night!




Can you stop by the bank?

cat oh reallyI was sitting at the kitchen table attempting to update a few things online for my husband’s website. I had a plate sitting next to my laptop with a slice of cheese pizza and cheesy bread on it. Aaron runs/skips/dances/twirls over to me from the living room and says:

“Hey mama! Tomorrow can you go to the bank and get some money so that you can buy me a skateboard? I want to show you a SUPER COOL TRICK!”

I slowly close my eyes. It was a long week and I don’t even know how to respond to this ridiculous suggestion regarding how I should spend my weekend and/or money.

Me: “I’ll see what I can do.”

He leans his head down onto my dinner plate and picks up my cheesy bread with his little teeth. I glare in his direction and he just stares at me chewing…

He walks over closer to me and with nasty garlic breath he whispers…

Aaron: “Ask them for $100.”

Money does NOT grow on trees!






And…I’m done.


Christmas Clues For An Assassin

assassin christmasMy son was in full armor today.

  • Two plastic daggers (back pockets)
  • Plastic golf club AKA sword/ rocket launcher (stuffed down into the front of his jeans)
  • A plastic taser/gun (Right front pocket)
  • A bow (tucked into the back of his shirt)
  • A glow in the dark arrow (Left front pocket)

Standing in front of the Christmas tree with a determined look on his face he examines every ornament carefully.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Isaiah: “I’m looking for inferences.”

Me: “What?”

Isaiah: “I’m an assassin and I need clues. I have to find clues!”

This boy and his wild imagination!


Toys from my childhood (1990’s)

Saturday is usually the day I play catch up at home. My husband was kind enough to clean the kitchen last night (I HATE DISHES!) so I was able to conquer the rest of the mess fairly quickly today.

I rarely have the time to really dig through things after I clean up. It’s an accomplishment if I can seriously get through the basics. Anyway, because I was ahead of the game today I ended up going through some old stuff.

Look what I found!

Anyone remember Pogs or Slammers? Continue reading