Monday Madness

Sitting at my desk I was desperately trying to complete a report that was fairly difficult. I started a new position at work and I’m learning/working so it’s taking me longer to get through assignments.

While pulling my hair out on this alone Aaron asked me to fix “Abby”. Abby is a stuffed…well used to be stuffed…bunny rabbit. Isaiah tried to throw it in the trash earlier because the stuffing was spewing out of its neck. Continue reading

Hey! I know her!

6:50AM – We are standing at the bus stop in a crowd of kids who are running around. Moms are all dressed in their PJ’S with super hot hairstyles called “it’s too early for this”.

A white minivan passes the bus stop on its way out of our neighborhood. Suddenly Isaiah starts loudly proclaiming he knows the driver.

Isaiah: I know her! That’s my librarian! That’s my librarian!

Aaron: (screaming loudly) What?!?! I met her. I had “librarian” for related arts one time. I know her! 

Isaiah: Why does she live in our neighborhood?

I glared at him with a look that I’d hope would express I wanted them both to SHUT UP immediately. 

Me: Why not? Please let it go. 

Thankfully they both dropped it. A few seconds later Aaron points to one of the moms and begins to shout.

Aaron: I know her too! I saw her at my school!

Me: That’s great bud. Bring your voice down.

He walks closer to the woman and walks directly in front of her.

Aaron: What?!?! She always has a BIG smile on her face. 

Well…at least we live around some friendly people 🙂

No Battles…Only Wars

No one in our family is a “morning person”. This year we have managed to be on time for school EVERY DAY. This is huge. Shouldn’t be…but it is.

Here’s a peek into what it is like to wake up my precious kids.

Me: Aaron…it’s time to wake up.

He’s laying on the floor in his bedroom curled up in a blanket.

Aaron: There are no battles. There are only wars.

His eyes are still closed. I’m wondering what he’s seeing in his dream world.

Me: I’m sorry…what?

Aaron: It’s NOT a battle! It’s a WAR!

I picked him up and placed him on the bottom bunk next to Isaiah. We’re running out of time at this point. We really need to make it to the bus stop in about 15 minutes.

Me: Ok guys meet me in the laundry room. I’ll hand you your hot clothes.

This usually helps them wake up if I iron or just heat up everything down to their socks. hmmm… sounds like something I gripe about my mom doing to spoil them. Who cares?…whatever works in the morning!

Isaiah: I’m just going to go over here where my pillow is.

He rolls over and closes his eyes again. Aaron raises his arm up with his tiny palm open flat.

Aaron: Do you want me to use my slappy hand? You better wake up!

Well…at least one kid is awake now…

Isaiah: I gotta go get my pet. My Conda.

Me: Your what?!?!?!?!?!?

Isaiah: Conda. My pet anaconda.

Listen, if you know me then you’ll understand how creeped out I was. I DO NOT DO SNAKES!

Me: Absolutely not! (obviously he has no pet anaconda but just the thought was freaking me out) Get up! Get up NOW!

Isaiah: Mom…it was just a diversion!


Isaiah: What day is it?

Me: Wednesday…we NEED to go.

Isaiah’s eyes lit up and he jumps out of the bed.

Isaiah: WEDNESDAY! It’s jogging fit club day! Aaron- get your clothes now. We gotta go!

We made it to the bus! These boys are a HOT mess!


Robots & Jack Hammers

robotsConversations with a five year old…

Me: I really need to go grocery shopping.

Aaron: A robot could do that for you.

Me: How much do they charge?

Aaron: A billion percent. You don’t even have to plug them in. You don’t have to wait. They charge themselves. It’s inside them already. They are the best robots ever.

Me: No, how much would they charge me to go get my groceries? Continue reading

Back To School Tirade!

That time of year is here yet again. Back to school, folks!

Back To School Sales Commercial
Back To School Sales Commercial

No more children in the house destroying property and eating all of the groceries. I figured it would be best to focus on the positive before diving in to my more frustrating thoughts on the upcoming “first day”. Continue reading