Arts & Crafts Reality

She cracks me up! This is my life... Her videos are so relatable. I have the greatest intentions with my boys but it ALWAYS ends up like this... if you have kids you need to watch this 🙂 @mylifesuckers #motherhood #raisingkids #workingmom

I’m Not A Photographer

I got a new camera. Ten days later I am ready to admit...I am NOT a professional photographer. When I opened my Christmas gift with wide eyes of excitement I envisioned myself making money. I had already researched how I could sell my photos online. Let me just tell is hard. Very hard. I [...]

Christmas Clues For An Assassin

My son was in full armor today. Two plastic daggers (back pockets) Plastic golf club AKA sword/ rocket launcher (stuffed down into the front of his jeans) A plastic taser/gun (Right front pocket) A bow (tucked into the back of his shirt) A glow in the dark arrow (Left front pocket) Standing in front of [...]

Why can’t you read my mind?

Why can’t you read my mind?

Aaron: "Mama why didn't you buy me a Magneto toy for Christmas?" Me: "Did you ask for one?" Aaron: "No." Me: "How was I supposed to know?" Aaron: "I said it in my mind." Me: ... Aaron: "so...can you go get me one?" Silence until he walks away...