You Gots That Kinda Money?!?!?

Drive-thru speaker: “ok ma’am your total is $14.34.

(yelling out from the back seat)
Isaiah: “You gots that kind of money?”

Too early for me to even attempt to reply…

I pull up to the first window and hand the cashier my debit card.

(Whispering to his little brother in the back)
Isaiah: “If she gots that kind of money we could’ve got 13 toys from the dollar store.”

Note to self: work with him on grammar because if he says “gots” one more time I’m going to pull my hair out.

On the bright side I’m impressed that he understands he’s going to need extra money for taxes 🙂

God Is Making More Numbers

Driving home from church this morning I hear my boys in the backseat.

Aaron: 98, 99, 100… What comes after a hundred?

Me: 101, 102…

Aaron: 101, 102, 103…What is the last number?

Me: There isn’t a last number. We just say infinity. Numbers go on and on forever.

Isaiah: yeah…God is building more numbers.

Aaron: No he’s not! He’s busy fighting the devil.

Isaiah: Yes He is!

Aaron: Mama! What is God doing?

Me: God is taking care of everything that needs to be done.

Isaiah: told ya..He’s building more numbers.

Me: (Just a few more exits and I’m jumping out of this car!)