How to learn telling time

We used a Dr. Seuss themed foam clock I picked up at the dollar store. Added some notes on there for reminders and then...practice, practice, and more practice 🙂 Visual learning tools work best with my boys. How do your kids best learn new things?

Homework, Oh, Homework!

Every Monday Isaiah's teacher assigns a poem for him to read. This week he read "Homework, Oh, Homework!" I absolutely loved it. Homework can be a battle sometimes so it was nice to see him enjoy his reading this time. When he gets his weekly poem at school the students are instructed to paste it [...]

2nd Grade – Science Acronyms

2nd Grade – Science Acronyms

My son is in 2nd grade this year. We have been studying for his upcoming science test and I am a little disappointed with the study guide. Up until this school year he had fun songs or unique ways of remembering the new things he was taught. We came up with some fun examples...  What [...]