Batman Infographic

I've come to the point in motherhood where my children are interested in things that my brain doesn't want to comprehend. I get the basic super hero plots. I know who's who in the Marvel world. Now my oldest is going through a Batman phase. Batman is from DC Comics...not Marvel. I don't like him. [...]

Hyperactive Puppies Saving The World

Sometimes I think my oldest is part puppy. I've been home for less than 2 hours and I am drained. Just watching him run, skip, and leap around my house makes me incredibly sleepy. In his eyes my couch is one of those boosters on the road in a video game. Those ramps that increase your speed just before you [...]

Why can’t you read my mind?

Why can’t you read my mind?

Aaron: "Mama why didn't you buy me a Magneto toy for Christmas?" Me: "Did you ask for one?" Aaron: "No." Me: "How was I supposed to know?" Aaron: "I said it in my mind." Me: ... Aaron: "so...can you go get me one?" Silence until he walks away...