Meat Department Temptation

Meat Department Temptation

Grocery shopping is at the top of my list of things I'd rather not do. I try to avoid going with the boys because it takes longer but their presence certainly makes things more interesting. Tonight as we round the corner of the bakery and move into the meat department section of the store Isaiah's eyes [...]

I’m Not That Kind Of Guy

My oldest son wanted to watch TV vs. Playing video games. This caused Aaron to morph into an angry monster. He flipped out and ended up spilling a few drinks.  As we are cleaning up the mess from his ridiculous behavior these are some of his comments... "I'm not the type of guy that doesn't [...]

How To Be A Supportive Mom

Eli Apple is the 1st round draft pick this year for the NY Giants. He is a grown man whose mother drops him off for his first day and I'm dying laughing at this video she made. This is me ya'll! I will be the mother who documents those big moments when my boys are [...]

It’s The Weekend! A Time To Rest or No?

It's Friday night! I'm off of work and finally get inside our apartment just before 8PM. I ordered pizza already. I lay down my things and sit on the edge of my bed. Breathe...the work week is over. Finally time to relax 🙂 My two boys come rushing in. Mama! Mama! Lots of hugs (smells [...]

Summer Reading Program

This summer my boys are participating in our library's reading program. We got our library cards this week and already started collecting stickers! It's a simple process to get signed up and most local libraries offer a similar program. When a child reads for at least 12 minutes each day they get a sticker. Once they [...]

Things Found When Cleaning

Things I found in the couch yesterday... metal fork plastic Spoon plastic knife 4 different socks (All Aaron's) small comb 3 black hair ties shipping label water bottle cap capri sun straw ball of tinfoil multi-colored licorice tortilla chips fruit loops clear marble filled with beautiful green swirls fruit snacks tissue popcorn goldfish napkins cough [...]

An Old Story for TBT

I am the only girl in the house. I have my husband, a 6yr old, and a 3 yr old. My boys can drive me absolutely INSANE but at the same time they make me laugh each and every day. The things my boys say and do are hilarious. The things they make me say [...]